Listen, I had to go with a pun.

So I guess I needed some kind of outlet for my thoughts and my writing other than just the Writing folder I have in My Documents. I needed to put stuff out there for people to read that wouldn’t require an editor, agent and publisher to be seen. Maybe it will be a little unfiltered; maybe it will be a terrible exercise in futility that will go down in flames in a week. Whatever.

I have to note the picture at the bottom of the page. It was already on the screen when I started typing this and I decided to stick with it despite its tacky attempt to try and depict jumping into the sea of blogs. It’s a lame metaphor with a lame pictured pulled, most likely, from Google Images. I leave it here however to remind myself that, yes, I am in a vast ocean of material, but if I just kick and flail and thrash around (that’s swimming right?) perhaps I can get myself out without drowning or choking on a piece of plastic tubing.

Either way, I’m Wes and this is some of the shit I write.


Posted by Wes Laudeman

Writer, hiker, and future teacher, I'm looking for stories and adventures that will last a lifetime.

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